JDW Solutions is committed to providing high-quality healthcare products that will improve patient care and nourish communities through understanding and meeting the needs of our clinicians. We go the extra mile in ensuring that our clinicians are satisfied with the products we provide. At JDW Medical Solutions, Quality is Everything.

About Us

With over 10 years of experience in the medical industry, JDW Medical Solutions provides world-class medical equipment, products & services to hospitals, medical clinics & private physicians throughout the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean. Through our local Cayman Islands office we have a global reach which allows us access to some of the best medical equipment and supplies the world has to offer. We are in the best position to represent and advise our clients on advancements in the healthcare industry and serving them better through strategic supply sourcing and vendor relationships.

Our Mission

We will be known to our clients as knowledgeable and resourceful. We will guide them in acquiring the highest quality of medical supplies and equipment that are cost-efficient and the latest in medical technology. We will work with our clients and educate them on the products that best suits their needs, providing them with outstanding customer service that will exceed expectations. Our around the clock availability leads to us matching the hours of our clients. Our aim is to ensure that patients receive the best care possible which will be achieved when the best products are matched with our clients for the highest quality of care provided to our local community and others that we serve. Our clients should only ask once if at all and we meet and exceed that request.


Founded in 2016, JDW Medical Solutions was established to fill the void that existed for a trusted provider of high-quality medical supplies & equipment to healthcare providers in the Cayman Islands, with hands-on experience of working within the healthcare industry, relationships were built and further knowledge gained on how best to meet the needs of providers and serve them. In addition to supplying medical supplies & equipment JDW Medical Solutions also offers equipment configuration, preventative maintenance and facility planning services. The future of JDW Medical Solutions is bright with preparation for expansion for full service throughout the Caribbean and further development in the areas of biomedical services, medical supplies and equipment.

Our Customers

JDW Medical Solutions provides medical supplies & equipment to clinicians, healthcare providers and individuals with medical care needs within the Cayman Islands and throughout the Caribbean. With our head office and retail store located in Grand Cayman, our focus is to serve the medical supplies & equipment needs of the Cayman Islands and the wider Caribbean. JDW Medical Solutions work directly with clinicians in the public and private sectors of the healthcare industry and also through international distribution channels. We also work with government agencies, regional health authorities, international aid agencies and other funding organizations within the healthcare industry throughout the wider Caribbean. Our market grasp has a global span complimented with extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with international medical suppliers, and logistics with the intent of bridging the gap between manufacturers and our customers.

Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are the core of our operations. We have an extensive line of products that we carry in this field. With hundreds of items to choose from, we aim to stock as much as we physically can on our shelves to meet and exceed our customers’ demands. So at any given time when you call for a particular medical product, the chance of us not having t is greatly reduced based on the wide inventory catalog that we stock. Our products range from simple outpatient use products to advanced surgical procedure products. Quality is a main component of our operations and this might not always make all our products economical in prices, but we believe that proper healthcare requires the best treatment using the best products. So we believe in no shortcuts when it comes to quality in the products we sell as these products not only represents us, but our clinicians who use them on their patients daily. At JDW Medical solutions, quality is everything.

Dressings & Bandages

Gloves Surgical & Exam

Gowns Exam & Surgical

Glucose Test Strips & Machines

Needles & Syringes

Needles & Syringes

Protective Apparatus

Stethoscopes & BP Machines


Dental Supplies

In addition to our medical supplies and equipment in stock, we offer a range of dental products as well. The dental supplies stock is ever growing as we stock each item directly after it is ordered the first time around. This again gives our customers assurance that they will only have to ask us once and not worry about that same product the next time around that they wish to order. Reliability is the key for us and we strive off the satisfaction our customers receive when we deliver on our promises and meet their demands. Our weekly shipping schedules makes it easy to get products for our customers in a timely manner which reduces or eliminates all together their down time, product substitution our having to do without an item, which ultimately affects patient care.

Here are some of our manufacturing partners:

Medical Equipment

The field of Healthcare is ever changing with new advancements each day in healthcare products. This leaves us with a market that has endless possibilities to choose from. No matter what your medical equipment needs are whether it might be a Blood Pressure machine of even a state of the art Operating Theater fit out equipment, we can provide you with solutions and guided advice towards choosing the right piece of equipment suited for both the clinician and the patients they care for. Knowledge and extensive experience in this area is one of the cornerstones of JDW Medical Solutions operations. We pride ourselves in the experience we will bring to the table.

Your medical equipment needs should never be taken lightly; these are the most important tools needed to provide patients with quality care and service. We believe in quality at all times and believe there is no short changing in healthcare. The best should be required and provided at all times. So the next time your medical facility needs a piece of equipment, talk to the experts at JDW Medical Solutions. Consultants are always free and with that you will have the information needed to make the right decision.

If you are in the market for OR Lighting, Scope Re-processors, Sterilizers, Cameras, Arthroscopy Equipment, Laparoscopy Equipment, Surgical Tables, Stretchers, Imaging Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Vital Signs Monitoring or just a simple BP machine. Talk to the experts first and we will be sure to provide you with true solutions.


Central Patient Monitoring


Scope Re-Processers

Beds & Stretchers

Vital Signs Monitors

Infusion & PCA Pumps.

LED Procedure Lights

Our Partners



Care Fusion


Needles & Syringes



Henry Schein



Welch Allyn

Welch Allyn





American Diagnostic Corporation

American Diagnostic Corporation

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